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RM240.00   + RM6 POSLAJU (60 KAPSUL)
RM130.00 + RM6 POSLAJU (30 KAPSUL)

 Beutskin Essence / 500mg x 60 capsules
Ministry of Health Registration No. : MAL08031430TR 5 Major 

 Skin Whitening 
 Skin Brightening 
 Gene Repairing 

Beutskin Essence is formed by the unique super ingredient of plant essence, with the used of supercritical CO2 extraction technique, it is able to decompose melanin and yellow pigment of the skin rapidly for whole body whitening and cellular renewal. It promotes metabolism and regulates from inside to achieve healthier body and fairer skin. It also releases active enzymes of cells, effectively inhibit active denaturation and increases vitality of cells so that skin tissues all over body are in normal functional condition.


Seabuckthorn Seed Oil
Eradicates excess free radicals in the body, strengthens body’s immune function, regulates and repairs active immune cells of the body, enhances resistance of body against diseases, regulates endocrine system.

Pine Nut Oil
Has effect of lowering cholesterol and triglyceride, inhibit vasoconstriction, promotes metabolism of interferon and lymph nodes, lower blood pressure, activates NK cells and promotes breakdown of fat.

Repair scar of skin, improves coarse and flabby skin, strengthen elastic fibers of skin, promotes metabolism of melanin for skin whitening.

Has Potent anti-oxidative function and scavenging of free radicals, delays aging and promotes cell growth.

Grape seed Oil
Prevent and treats cardiovascular diseases, lowers cholesterol serum and blood pressure, resist free radicals and anti-aging.

Radix Puerariae Lobata
Has effect of lowering cholesterol and triglyceride, inhibit vasoconstriction, promotes metabolism of interferon and lymph nodes, lowers blood pressure, activates NK cells and promotes breakdown of fat.

* Detoxify & beautify skin
* Restore skin suppleness & elasticity
* Anti-aging, reduce fine lines & cells regeneration
* Even skin tone & lighten pigmentation


03 days
Stabilized livers and kidney functions, frequency of toxin neutralization within the body increases significantly, resistance of blood capillary is increased, hemoglobin increases significantly, imbalanced ‘Qi’ and blood can be improved and vitality restored.

10 days
Improved physical condition, eliminated part of toxin within liver, kidneys and blood, increased anti-oxidative ability of the body, softened blood capillaries, restored and increased elasticity of blood vessel’s wall, simultaneously ovaries function is regulate.

30 days
Internal organs are basically cleared from toxin with supply of essential nutrients, self-repair ability of skin is restored and promoted, microcirculation of skin is regulated effectively.

60 days
Strengthened self-protective function of skin, increased resistance ability of skin, endocrine function is improved and regulated, a change from yellow, dull gloomy skin to bright, radiant skin.

90 days
Large amount of excess lipofuscin and free radicals in the body are eliminated and thus cells become active and skin elasticity is restored to regain beautiful and youthful look.

Longterm consumption
Body metabolism is in good circulation, skin become fine, smooth, nourished, delicate, bright, beautiful and flawless.

Testimoni Beutskin Essence (Bukan Artis)

Selepas 4 bulan pengambilan SNE KAPSUL + BEUTSKIN ESSENCE !!
Hasil BE + SNE superb !!
Lihat lah hasil selepas amalkan BE.. teruja?? ;)
"..baru makan 10 biji dah rase beza, jerawat keluar dan cepat je kering! ramai yang tegur muka nampak lain & nampak kulit dah lembut.. paling tak disangka, jerawat tak nak kering sehingga period seterusnya tp selepas amalkan BE, sekejap je jerawat tu kering.. Syukur.."
Kulit kusam menjadi lebih glowing setelah hampir 2 bulan amalkan BE!

Baru 2 minggu makan BE, jika sebulan?? kulit akan gebu!! 

BE bukan hanya mencerahkan kulit wajah sahaja tetapi ia juga dapat mencerahkan keseluruhan badan anda! tak percaya?? lihat testimoni di atas, tangan juga jadi lebih cerah berbanding sebelum makan BE..
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2 May 2013 at 16:29

kak , tumpang lalu ye . BE dan AURA WHITE PURE . mana paling berkesan ?

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