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"Produk pemutihan kulit pada badan..Kesan SERTA MERTA...Boleh dilumur ke seluruh badan ataupun diletakkan di kawasan badan yang kehitaman seperti ketiak, dua siku, lutut, peha atau bahagian-bahagian yang berlipat.Penggunaan disyorkan hanya sebulan sekali--"

1) Skin Hair Bleaching Cream With Turmeric Extract Liquid Soap ASTU23
2) Skin Hair Bleaching Cream With Rice Milk & Pearls Liquid Soap ASRM24
3) Skin Hair Bleaching Cream With Tamarind Extract Liquid Soap ASTA25
4) Skin Hair Bleaching Cream With Fruit & Pearls Liquid Soap ASFP26
5) Skin Hair Bleaching Cream With Pure Mineral & Pearls Liquid SoapASMP27

Consists Of :

  1. Asantee Skin Hair Bleaching Cream 115ml
  2. Asantee Ammonium Bicarbonate 15g
  3. Asantee Milk Powder 5g
  4. Asantee Liquid Soap 30ml

Direction : For arm and legs
  1. Mix Asantee Skin Hair Bleaching Cream, Asantee Ammonium Bicarbonate and Asantee Milk Powder into the plastic cup.
  2. Leave about 15 - 20 minutes
  3. Wash off the cream out with Asantee liquid soap.

Warning :
Allergic test should be taken before use by the mixed cream. Apply on the inner fore arm. If feeling pain, itchiness or bruises on the contact area, stop and rinse out promptly.

Bleaching body hair is a very convenient way to stop worrying about your dark troublesome body hair without having to actually remove these hairs. Bleaching is extremely popular for treating dark facial hair and unwanted hair on the legs and arms all over the world.

What Type of Hair to Bleach
Bleaching is best for body hairs that are dark and thin. Hairs that are thick and long are not suitable for bleaching because they look all the more prominent after bleaching. Also, bleaching hair on a skin that is too dark will result in the lightened hair ending up looking more conspicuous against the darker skin tone, so, bleaching is best for medium to fair skin tones with dark hair.Bleaches of various strengths from ‘mild’ to ‘strong’ are available to lighten various qualities of hairs on different body areas.

What makes bleaching an attractive option, is that bleaching is painless, convenient and affordable compared to other temporary methods of hair removal employed for removing facial hair. Also, there are no hassles of hair removal like dealing with stubble, ingrown hair, and nicks and cuts, with bleaching! Most commonly bleached areas in the face include upper lips, chin, lower lips and sideburns.A significant number of women who have dark hair on arms, forearms and legs bleach these hairs so that they are not visible.

If bleaching suits your skin, this method can be quite convenient and would prove to be superior to other methods of hair removal like shaving which needs to be done almost daily to avoid stubble and re-growth.
Bleaching is also carried out for body hairs that are located in areas from where it is relatively difficult to remove hair, like the back. Bleaching can also be used to lighten stray hair on other parts of the body like the stomach.

Where Not to Bleach?

  • Bleaching should be avoided for areas near the eyes and eyebrows because the chemical constituents of the bleach are strong, and may have irritating and harmful effects on the eyes.
  • Bleaching should also not be done on sensitive body areas like the bikini area because of the risk of skin damage and irritation.
  • One should not bleach if the target area skin is broken, irritated, inflamed or infected or if there has been a previous skin reaction to bleaching.
  • Lastly, bleaching may not be the appropriate method for people having sensitive skin.
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21 May 2011 10:23

can apply this product on face?

6 July 2011 23:13

kaklid,boleh guna kt muka ke produk ni?

14 July 2011 09:39

salam anon --- actually ianya utk badan -- kalau nak apply kat muka boleh cuba Facial White Henna ---- yang ini khhas untuk muka -- :-)

1 March 2012 22:48

kak lid..tgn dan kaki sy gelap berbanding muka dan bdn..produk ni boleh guna utk mencerahkan tgn dan kaki x?saya xnak muka je cerah tp tgn kaki gelap..malu...tlg suggest produk ape yg boleh mencerahkan anggota ingat nk try suntikan vitamin c

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